But WE need to act and WE need to act now!

Bushfires below Stacks Bluff, Tasmania, Australia: Photo by Matt Palmer on Unsplash

Reacting to Climate Change

My reaction to Climate Change (and all the other challenges that confront our planet) is a daily roller-coaster of fury at our governments’ inept responses to the issues.  I feel outrage at the multinational organisations that seem to care only about profit. I am depressed at the loss of biodiversity that helps to fulfil humanity’s needs and provides much needed beauty and wonder in our lives. I want to scream with dismay at the greed of rich countries that seem to care little for those that have contributed less to Climate Change yet lack the ability to adapt to the problems they face because of it.  It also leaves me with a sense that as an individual there is absolutely nothing I can do against these enormous forces.

HOWEVER, I know that there are many others out there that feel like I do and they need my support. I have a deep-seated belief that we need to work together as citizens of the world. We have to make clear what we want. Only then can we create better and more fulfilling lives for ourselves in the future.

There are also many others who care deeply and who are committed to making the transformations required to create that better future. Some of these changes are already making a difference to our lives and others are well on the way.  See this article about new ways being developed to tackle the climate crisis.

So, if we move fast now, we can still, just, change how we live to avoid the worst effects of a warming planet.  However, we all have to act differently and we have to work together to create a word that works for everybody. We CAN all make a difference and we CAN create a better and happier world.

Nature Needs our Help

What Are We Doing to Help it Recover? This poem by American poet John Malinka reminded me just how important Nature and its wildness is to me. And not just to me, as we all need it in our fight to make our lifestyles more sustainable. Of course we also need untamed...

A Change in the Air?

Recent climate news has been looking very gloomy. So I thought it might be more uplifting to look at the positive changes that are happening all around us. For me it is important, (without forgetting where we are) to be clear that if we wish to create a better future,...

Can We Make a Difference to our Future?

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what difference you want to make.” (Jane Goodall) If we act now we can change the future. We are in a time of transition Our old world is gone and ahead of us lies a future of infinite possibilities, or a decline...

Less is More

“The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.” (Socrates, 450 BC) As we work to find ways of avoiding a catastrophic increase in Climate Change we are going to have to come to terms with having less:...

We Need to Wake Up!

Do We Really Want to Lose This? Spring snowpack is critical for delivering a steady supply of drinking and irrigation water to billions of people, with bigger and earlier melts causing problems.: Or This? African lions could be completely extinct by 2050. Are we...

War and its Contribution to Climate Change

War has been with us for a very long time. There is a debate among anthropologists as to whether making war is an innate human characteristic. This article suggests that it is not, but “it is a social and cultural development that emerged at different times around the...

“Waste Not, Want Not”

Even after 65 years, my grandmother’s words ring loudly in my ears. My grandparents were schoolteachers, so they weren’t poor. But they were thrifty. My grandmother prided herself on her lack of food waste. I am sure living through two wars contributed to that desire...

Good News for the Planet from 2023

Many of us are fearful about the changes in the climate or worry about the future of life on Earth. We fret about our children’s well-being or how our lives will be affected in future. That distress makes us apathetic and stops us acting. I would like to suggest, not...

Phase Down, Phase Out or another Stich-up?

After COP 28, Dubai Fossil Fuels and other Items COP 28 The Final Agreement There was a great deal of concern from the world community over what would happen in Dubai during COP 28. The world needs a rapid phase out of fossil fuels and the President of the Conference...

Phase Down or Phase Out?

Fossil Fuels at COP28 Dubai 30 November to 12 December 2023 Dubai Harbour - photo by Doreen Hosking What is COP28? “COP stands for ‘Conference of the Parties’. In International Relations-speak it means a committee created after an international treaty is signed,...

Useful links and background reading

Background Reading

Hope in Hell by Jonathon Porritt

This Changes Everything, Capitalism versus the Climate by Naomi Klein

The Future we Choose by Christiana Figueres, Tom Rivett-Carnac

Less is More, How Degrowth will Save the World by Jason Hickel

Useful Links

NASA Climate Change

The Met Office UK Causes of Climate Change

Worldwide Fund for Nature Effects of Climate Change

The BBC Ten Simple Ways to Act on Climate Change

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