Doreen Hosking

Why am I fighting for a better future?

I am keen to involve as many people as possible to insist governments act urgently, honestly and sustainably on Climate Change. This is because I care about the future of my children and grandchildren and their generations. I also care about the lives of the millions who will become climate refugees if we do not slow our emissions of greenhouse gases. In addition, I worry about those who will go hungry and the very many who will lead stunted lives, especially those in developing countries that least deserve it.

I am a scientist with a degree in Biochemistry, a Masters degree in Food Science and a post-graduate diploma in Food Security. Thus I understand climate science, the horrors of industrial style agriculture and the lack of social justice in our world. 

In the French Pyrenees: Photo by Doreen Hosking

As a long term supporter of WWF and a keen walker, I love and treasure what nature has to offer. I want to help protect it for the future.


My Contribution


In my conversations with others it is clear that many people do not truly understand the gravity of the situation. There are many more who would like to do something, who are overwhelmed by problems in their own lives. Or there are those who feel helpless given the gravity of the situation. There are also a huge number of people who want to do something but have no idea what to do.

With my website and blogs, as well as training courses for small groups, I would like to help people understand why we have Climate Change and what we as individuals can do about it. 

See my blog article: “What can Individuals do about the Climate Change crisis?”

I choose to do this as my contribution to a kinder and more fulfilling future for my children and grandchildren and all their generation rather than the one they are faced with at present.

However my principal intention is to encourage people to act urgently. I want them to pressurize governments and organisations contributing to Climate Change to keep their promises about change. The situation is extremely serious and requires action from us all. I believe we need to fight for this vision.

A recent Draft Report for policy makers on Climate Change by the United Nations is damning about our stewardship of the world. It says that “The choices society makes now will determine whether our species thrives or merely survives in the 21st century.”

I understand that the situation is technologically, financially and politically difficult to solve in the time we have available. I know that we are talking about a wholesale restructuring of our society.

This will not be easy but, we have to find a way. Anything else would be a catastrophe.

Paris climate demo 2015: Photo by Doreen Hosking

My Hope

My hope is that we can find a way for the whole world to become politically active. To stand up and tell our politicians that they are there to act on our behalf to create the future that we want, not what they want. It is the future of each one of us we are talking about.  This nightmare will not go away by itself. We must become actively involved.

There is a great deal of evidence to show that if we work together and continually pressurize our governments and those other organisations thinking only of their own profit  they will make the required changes and we can find meaningful solutions to the climate and other planetary crises.