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As always there is some very bad news about the climate, and some very good news.

Let’s look at the bad news first!

Leading Climate Scientist Says the Climate Crisis Has

Reached a Really Bleak Moment!

The UN Environment Agency said this week that there was no credible pathway in place to restrict planetary warming to an increase of only 1.5 degrees Centigrade.


Sounds like we need to act. And NOW!

The rich nations are responsible for 80% of the carbon emissions.

That’s us guys!!!!!!!!

We need to get our governments to act NOW! In whatever way we can.

They won’t change if we don’t keep pushing them.

And yes, we need to keep changing our lifestyles too.

Pyramids of Egypt
The Pyramids: Photo by Osama Elsayed on Unsplash

COP27 Starts on Sunday 6 November

To those living on a far-off star and don’t know what this is: COP stands for Conference of the Parties. This is a United Nations body designed to assess where we are as a world on Climate Change. Also, to help countries of the world get together to make progress on limiting our Fossil Fuel emissions.

What may happen

At this conference countries of the world are intended to come together to take action towards achieving the collective climate goals as agreed in Paris in 2015.

This included limiting Global Warming to 1.5 degrees Centigrade.

In Glasgow in 2021, countries agreed to produce more ambitious targets. Only 23 out of 195 countries have submitted their plans to the UN so far.

The Big Objectives this time are:

  1. How are countries reducing their emissions?
  2. How are countries going to adapt to Climate Change and help others do the same?
  3. Climate Finance. This is a big problem. In 2009, developed countries committed to help developing nations to do both of the above. So far it has not been achieved and this is obviously a huge problem.
  4. Loss and Damage. This is clearly a huge cost, and since most of the emissions causing this damage come from rich countries, developing countries want help from them to pay for this.

The war in Ukraine is obviously causing so many problems that this will impinge, perhaps very seriously on the talks and any agreements that might be made.

There will be more on this as it happens so for now, let’s see.

Now for the Good News

View of Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro: Photo by Raphael Nogueira on Unsplash

Brazil has this week elected a left-wing President Luiz Lula da Silva. He has promised to cut down on illegal logging in the Amazon and to encourage Brazil to take its place as a climate leader.

Of course, he faces many challenges, not least the previous incumbent of the Presidency who may be unwilling to give it up. However, for now, it looks really encouraging for the future of the vital Amazon Rain Forest and for the future of our world.

A kangaroo with a Joey in its pocket
Kangaroo: Photo by Ondrej Machart on Unsplash

Australian Elections

In May 2022 Australia went to the polls and voted in a new government that is committed to changing Australia’s attitude to Climate Change. This is important as Australia was a huge producer of carbon emissions. They have managed to pass a landmark bill to reduce emissions by 43% by 2030. This is a significant step forward so let’s see what happens.

Rishi Sunak the British Prime minister is to attend COP 27 in Egypt

You might justifiably ask “What is so important about that?”

 I believe it is important because he was “persuaded” to go by the British People (including lots of environmentalists and NGOs}. Many ordinary people (including me and my husband) wrote to him in outrage because he wasn’t going. WE know the importance of the Climate Crisis. What is good about this is that we used the power we have to get that change.

Don’t forget in the bad moments that we have the power to make governments change. We just need to use it.

The Ukraine War

While this is not good news for individuals and their bills, it might well be good news in the medium term because more people and countries are investing in renewables. This speeds up the transition from Fossil Fuels. The more people invest, the cheaper they become.

Little Things

I would also like to add some actions groups of people are taking to create a better future. These have been sent to me by a kind man called Ian. I add them because it shows just how much is going on and makes me hope for the future. I know there are very many more of them.

1 There are many small organisations working towards saving nature and reducing our carbon emissions. For example, Ecologi, based in Bristol and working on wetland restoration, carbon reduction and planting more trees. Restoring wetlands and peat bogs is particularly important. Do have a look at what they do.

2 Coast Busters – a Dutch Charity working on removing plastic from rivers.

3 Eindhoven Council in the Netherlands are working on reducing the use of leaf-blowers and mowers in the autumn.

What can we do?

  1. Please don’t run away and hide because you think you can’t make a difference.
  2. Believe you can make a difference. We all can in our own way.
  3. Keep communicating with your government. Tell them how you want your future to be. Write to them this week before COP 27 and tell them to negotiate with integrity. Tell them to find a budget to help poorer countries to adapt to Climate Change.
  4. Tell them to tax the big Fossil Fuel companies that are making obscene profits. Use the money, a) to help people in need and b) use it to create infrastructure for more renewables.
  5. Have a look at your diet. Can you eat less meat? Are you buying the meat you do eat locally and from animal-friendly farmers? Lentils and beans are much cheaper and much better for you. (I think they can be very tasty indeed.)
  6. Can you donate some money to help groups like Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth keep governments on the right track.
  7. If you have any good ideas perhaps you could let me know. They are always welcome.

During COP27 would be a great time to tell your governments what type of future you want for your children and grandchildren.

Thank you.

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